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Blink logistics and Fumigation Services Ltd offers Customs clearance for all types of Cargo in all borders in Zambia.
We do clearance on all types of vehicles including those Intransit. We also provide delivery services for our clients from Port of delivery to there destination.
We understand documentation is essential in Export and Imports. Blink logistics and Fumigation Ltd offers Export and Import documentation for all types of Cargo including Agri commodities, Fisheries, Livestock and Machinery. With our experience and Knowledge in the industry,we assist our clients on all documentation requirements in trade.
We assist our clients in tracking of various cargo from the point of loading until delivered safely.Updates on the movement are sent to our clients on everyday basis until the Cargo is received.
With our trained personnel Blink Logistics and Fumigation Services also does Fumigation as a mechanism of pest control on different commodities.These includes agriculture commodities like Maize,Maize Bran, Wheat bran,Wooded Boxes, Timber,Soya meal, Soya beans just to mention a few.Our clients are given certified Fumigation Certificates in Pest control and Preservation.


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